2012 Matte Painting REEL


Kristin Johnson 2012 Matte Painting Reel Breakdown
-music: ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ by Pretty Lights

1 Autumn Barn – MadMen (AMC) Stargate Studios
Created autumn foliage matte painting for Pasadena location footage: Photoshop
2. Cave Headquarters – Krog Pilot (Cartoon Network) Stargate Studios
Set extension cave matte painting: Photoshop
3. Atlanta Hospital – The Walking Dead (AMC) Stargate Studios
Building set extension & damage. Added body bags and debris: Photoshop
4. Chicago City Hall 1920s reveal – Boss (Starz) Stargate Studios
Replace contemporary buildings surrounding Chicago City Hall with 1920s cityscape: Photoshop
5. Queens Train Platform – Touch (Fox) Stargate Studios
Created Queens train platform, surrounding buildings, manhattan skyline and sky extension: Photoshop
6. Morgue – The Glades (A&E) Stargate Studios
Created Morgue interior matte painting: Photoshop
7. Rome City Buildings – Pan Am Pilot (ABC) Stargate Studios
Replace Manhattan location with Rome architecture: Photoshop
8. Future City – Beautiful People Pilot (NBC) Stargate Studios
Replace Los Angeles location with futuristic architecture: Photoshop
9. Paris Rooftop – Nikita (CW Network) Stargate Studios
Night time Paris Rooftop view matte painting: Photoshop
10. Seattle View – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Stargate Studios
Park view of Seattle skyline matte painting: Photoshop
11. Baghdad Street – Touch (Fox) Stargate Studios
Baghdad Street matte painting: Photoshop
12. Alien Wormhole – The Event (NBC) Stargate Studios
Create ruins of a building that disappears into an alien wormhole: Photoshop
13. Cruise ship deck – Deadly Honeymoon (Marvista Entertainment) Stargate Studios
Cruise ship deck matte painting: Photoshop
14. Buenos Aires Street Scene – Touch (Fox) Stargate Studios
Buenos Aires cityscape background matte painting: Photoshop
15. Hospital Courtyard – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Stargate Studios
Seattle Grace Mercy Hospital Courtyard Set extension: Photoshop
16. Beverly Hills Mansion – Episodes (Showtime) Stargate Studios
Replace London location with Beverly Hills Mansion matte painting: Photoshop
17. Atlanta Freeway – The Walking Dead (AMC) Stargate Studios
Atlanta Freeway apocalypse matte painting: Photoshop